PS110 Siloxane Water Repellent WB Penetrating Sealer (5 gal.)

PS110 Siloxane Water Repellent WB Penetrating Sealer (5 gal.)
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Water & Salt Repellent
Siloxane or Silane/ Siloxane
# of components
1 Part System
carrier type
Water Based
voc content
< 100 g/L
Milky White

Low VOC, Water Based Sealer for Concrete, Brick & Block Masonry

Product Description

PS110 is a high performance, water based, siloxane water repellent and impregnating agent for unsealed and porous concrete, brick, stucco, block, exposed aggregate, and other masonry. PS110 is a proprietary, aqueous emulsion of siloxane/silane oligomers. It contains a special additive to enhance water resistance and a catalyst to ensure the optimum chemical reaction necessary for maximum performance. The active ingredients in PS110 are a mixture of different size particles to fill different size voids. This ensures good penetration into porous substrates, resulting in good coverage rates and excellent water and moisture restriction. The active ingredients in PS110 will penetrate into the surface and chemically react to bond with the substrate ensuring longer lasting protection. It combats efflorescence, freeze/thaw damage, deicing chemicals, acid rain deterioration, salt intrusion, UV damage, scaling and spalling, dirt buildup, mold and mildew, alkali attack, and corrosion of reinforcing steel. PS110 is not film forming and preserves the natural breathing characteristics of treated substrates. It is also UV resistant and nonyellowing. PS110 has a milky white appearance. Upon proper application, the substrate will have little, or no, noticeable change in appearance when dry.

Recommended Uses

PS110 was originally developed for commercial and industrial applications and is widely used throughout North America to this day for those applications. Concrete Sealers USA is now also making this professional grade sealer available to the residential market so small contractors, applicators, and do-it-yourselfers can enjoy the same superior benefits that architects, engineers, and large contractors have enjoyed for years. PS110 is recommended for sealing porous concrete, brick, stucco, block, sandstone, exposed aggregate, mortar, and grout. It is ideal for sealing commercial and residential structures such as parking lots and structures, marine structures, loading docks, median barriers, bridge decks, concrete pavement, piers, ramps, plazas, courtyards, and balconies. It is also recommended for home and building exteriors, brick walls, block walls, chimneys, driveways, sidewalks, walkways, porches, steps, pool decking, patios, brick or stone pavers, concrete pavers, and retaining walls. Suitable for horizontal or vertical and interior or exterior applications. Not intended for below grade waterproofing.


PS110 is designed to work only on porous cured concrete, brick and block masonry substrates and is not intended for asphalt. This product may damage vegetation, etch glass, aluminum, metal, and plastic. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Sealer may be damaged if frozen prior to use. Not intended to seal cracks. Will not remediate structurally unsound surfaces with defects. PS110 is not oleophobic and is not intended as an oil repellent. The Company does not warranty specific performance results or compatibility with products manufactured by others. The Company shall bear no liability, other than replacement of defective product. A small test must be conducted prior to application. Based upon this test, the purchaser shall determine for themselves the suitability of this product for the intended use.

Environmental & Regulatory

PS110 contains no solvents and less than 100 g/L Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). This product is considered a non-hazardous chemical under OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (29CFR 1910.1200). Contact may cause skin or eye irritation. Using with adequate air ventilation, eye protection, and gloves is recommended.

Manufactured in the USA for Concrete Sealers USA.

Surface Preparation

Substrates to be sealed must be a minimum of 28 days old and/ or be fully cured. The surface must be clean and porous enough to allow penetration into the substrate. Surfaces should be clean and free of surface laitance, dust, dirt, debris, mildew, oil, grease, previous sealers, curing agents, paint or other surface coatings, and other contaminants. If acid or other cleaning compound is used for cleaning or etching the surface, neutralize the surface completely before application of PS110.


Always test porosity prior to application. Surface should be dry for proper penetration of the sealer. Should not apply to wet or damp surfaces or if rain is expected within 12 hours after application. Product is a one part system and requires no special mixing. Stir material thoroughly before and during application. Do not apply below 40°F or above 95°F during the application or drying period. Apply uniformly with a low pressure sprayer. When applying material, work in small, manageable areas at a time in order to maintain a wet edge. Product should be applied to the point of rejection and be fully absorbed within 10 minutes without puddles. Use a broom, roller, or brush to evenly distribute product as well as disperse any puddles as excessive or over application may cause discoloration of the substrate. For dense surfaces, one saturation application is generally sufficient. However, for porous surfaces where additional product can be absorbed, multiple saturation applications may be applied to enhance performance. Clean application materials with warm water.


Flat and clear.

Coverage Rate

150-200 sq. ft./Gal. for concrete, brick, stucco, sandstone, and exposed aggregate. 75-125 sq. ft./Gal. for concrete block. Coverage rates are approximate and for estimating purposes only.

Drying Time

Dry to touch in 1-3 hours and for traffic in 6-12 hours. Drying times are for estimating purposes only. Actual drying times are based upon temperature, humidity, and air flow.

Shelf Life

1 year unopened.

Safety & First Aid Precautions

Eyes: Flush with water for at least 15 minutes.

Skin: Wash thoroughly with soap and water.

Inhalation: Move subject to fresh air.

Digestion: Consult physician immediately.

Typically Leaves Warehouse in 1-2 Business Days and Arrives via Ground Delivery 

Ground Delivery 
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Prior to use, we would recommend consulting the product label, product technical data sheet, and SDS sheet. For your benefit, this information is included below.


PDF Icon PS110 Product Label

PDF Icon PS110 Technical Data Sheet

PDF Icon PS110 SDS Sheet


The following coverage rates are approximate and for estimating purposes only and are for 1 application. We would recommend making test applications on actual surfaces to determine exact coverage rates.

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