Instructional Videos

In this section, we here at Concrete Sealers USA have gathered some instructional videos that will be sure to provide you with some valuable guidance in the application of concrete sealers/ coatings. Let the experts walk you through your concrete sealing project and see for yourself how easy it can be to seal your own concrete. Just follow the instructions carefully, and you can experience professional results that will last for years to come.

This video from The Concrete Network is your launching point to learning everything you need to make an intelligent choice for your application.

Get tips on applying acrylic concrete sealers. Find out where they are typically used to seal concrete floors and surfaces.

Get tips on mixing & applying epoxy sealers. See this epoxy sealer applied to a recently completed concrete floor. This floor was covered with a concrete microtopping and decorated with concrete dyes & stencils.

Get tips on how to apply a floor wax with a sprayer and micro-fiber pad. A floor wax or finish applied over a topical sealer or coating can help further preserve and protect decorative concrete floors.

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