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The most important step you can take to protect, preserve, and extend the life of your concrete, brick, and stone surfaces is to properly seal them. Weather, moisture, chemicals, salt, oil, and other impurities can have negative effects on both the structural and cosmetic properties of your concrete. Properly sealing the surfaces of your exterior and interior concrete is the single most important determinant in the overall life and beauty of your concrete surfaces. Below are a few articles Concrete Sealers USA found most beneficial to the care and maintenance of your concrete. These articles and resources were generously made available to use by our friends at the Concrete Network.

Concrete Sealers Buyer’s Guide
What concrete sealer do I choose? This article offers tips for choosing the best type of sealer for your given application. It gives a rundown of the different types of sealers that are available. It also covers the many questions you should ask before buying a concrete sealer product.

Concrete Sealers 9 part Series
Do you want to learn all the basics of concrete sealers? Not all concrete sealers are alike. Are sealers dangerous? How are sealers applied? Is any surface preparation needed? What are some of the more common problems? This 9 part series of articles answers all these questions and many other of the most fundamental questions concerning concrete sealers from A to Z.

Cleaning Concrete Surfaces
Why should I clean my concrete surfaces? Cleaning concrete is a very important step towards maintaining the beauty and longevity of your concrete surfaces. The resources shared here explain what’s involved in cleaning concrete, the various methods and techniques on how to properly clean your concrete surfaces, and also provides many tips on how to get the best results.

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