Urethane Slab Crack Repair Kit (Small)

Urethane Slab Crack Repair Kit (Small)
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Concrete Crack Repair
Slab Crack Repair
# of components
2 Part System
carrier type
Solvent Based
voc content

Product Description
CR304 Urethane Slab Repair is a specially formulated hybrid urethane that allows for repairs of cracked, honeycombed, and spalled concrete in minutes. Its very low viscosity and self leveling nature allow for deep penetration into concrete cracks for a full and complete repair. It sets very rapidly and cures in approximately 15 minutes. Repaired areas can generally be ready for regular traffic in less than one hour. Once cured, its has a tensile strength of over 4000 PSI and provides for a permanent solution with excellent strength and durability. Repaired areas will have high impact and chemical resistance. CR304 can be combined with Silica Sand for repairing larger cracks. CR304 can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces. This product is not UV stabile and cures to a tan color. For exterior surfaces, it is recommended that any repaired area be done with our Slab Crack Repair Kits that come with UV Stabilization.  

Includes the necessary materials to repair approximately 40 to 100 feet based on a 1/4" x 1/4" chased crack:

  • 2 universal cartridges of CR304 Urethane Slab Repair
  • 3 3/16" x 48" element mixers
  • 2 cartridge restrictors
  • 3 needle-tip dispensers
  • 2 reusable retaining nuts
  • 1 pair of safety glasses
  • 2 pair of rubber gloves
  • Technical Data Sheet & SDS
  • Written instructions & instructional video

Universal cartridges fit a standard caulk gun (available at any local hardware or home improvement store).

Recommended Uses
CR304 is ideal for repairing hairline cracks as well as larger cracks in both commercial and residential structures such as workshop floors, warehouse floors, automotive garage floors, basement floors, garage floors, driveways, sidewalks, walkways, porches steps, pool decking, patios, etc. It is not recommended for repairing or sealing expansion joints.

Surface Preparation & Application
Concrete must be a minimum of 28 days old and/ or fully cured prior to use. The surface must be clean and dry prior to application. Refer to the Technical Data Sheet for instructions prior to use.


Consult Safety Data Sheet prior to use. Wear glasses and gloves. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Harmful if inhaled. May cause allergic skin and respiratory reaction. Vapor or mist may cause respiratory tract irritation.
Avoid heat, open flame and sparks.
EYES: Flush with large amounts of water, minimum of 15 minutes.
SKIN: Wash thoroughly with soap and water. Remove contaminated clothing.
INHALATION: Leave area for fresh air. If not breathing, give artificial respiration and call physician.
INGESTION: Do not induce vomiting. Seek medical care immediately.
The Manufacturer warrants products to be free from defects in material or manufacturing. Products are further warranted for adequacy of design when used in accordance with design limits, and properly specified and installed. This warrant does not apply to uses not in compliance with specific applications and installation procedures. All warranty obligations of the manufacturer shall be limited, at the discretion of the manufacturer, to repair or replacement of the defective product. These remedies shall constitute the manufacturer’s sole obligation and sole remedy of purchaser under this warranty. In no event will the manufacturer be responsible for incidental, consequential, or specific loss or damage however caused.

Typically Leaves Warehouse in 1-2 Business Days and Arrives via Ground Delivery 

Ground Delivery 
This item is delivered via Standard Ground Delivery service via UPS or Fed Ex and generally arrives within 3-5 business days of leaving the warehouse. At this time, we do not offer any premium or express delivery options (ex. Next Day Air).

Prior to use, we would recommend consulting the product label, product technical data sheet, and SDS sheet. For your benefit, this information is included below.

PDF Icon CR304KTS Product Label

PDF Icon CR304KTS Technical Data Sheet

PDF Icon CR304KTS SDS Sheet


The following coverage rates are approximate and for estimating purposes only and are for 1 application. We would recommend making test applications on actual surfaces to determine exact coverage rates.

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