The TS210--A Revolutionary Heavy Duty Oil and Stain Protector for Smooth Troweled Floors

Posted by The Concrete Sealer Guy on Aug 18th 2020

Our TS210 Heavy Duty Oil and Stain Protector is fast becoming our "go to" product for a cost effective and pocket book friendly solution for protection against oil and stains on smooth troweled surfaces such as those found in warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, garages, workshops, pole barns and sheds, etc. Our customers have long been asking for a product that provides protection beyond that of penetrating sealers which offer excellent base benefits, is more durable than acrylic topical sealers that normally come with a short life span of 12-18 months or so, and one that does not break the bank like full blown topical coatings such as epoxies, epoxy/ urethane combinations, polyureas, and polyaspartics.

We think we have come up with the perfect solution with our  TS210 product that comes in at 30 cents per sq ft. but punches well above its weight by providing stain protection typically found only in more expensive topical coating solutions. The  TS210 is a premium product to our many excellent penetrating sealers that cost between 10-12 cents per sq. ft. but top out at about 25 cents per sq. ft. with our  PS100 Fluorinated Water, Oil, & Salt Repellent which offers “Best in Class" performance for a penetrating sealer. The  TS210 is also far more cost effective than full blown topical coatings that start out at $1-2 per sq. ft. for DIY kits and $5-6 per sq. ft. for professionally installed systems. Our customers also expressed a strong desire for a solution that does not require significant floor preparation, is DIY friendly and easy to install, and does not have a high failure rate like other DIY topical coatings.

The TS210 is a water based, low VOC, high performance proprietary acrylic modified aliphatic polyurethane. It was developed using the latest advances in polyurethane nanotechnology and also incorporates a new generation of polyacrylate dispersions. This state of the art formulation formulation provides for a highly cross linked coating that allows for both maximum penetration and superior chemical adhesion to minimally profiled surfaces (equivalent of 150-220 grit resin bond diamonds is ideal). Consequently, as long as you have a floor in excellent condition (i.e. new or newish, machine troweled, no surface material defects such as dusting or chalking, etc.), no acid etching or diamond grinding is normally required. Essentially, the only prep that is typically required is to give the floor a good cleaning through power washing and/ or using a mild cleaner and allow the surface adequate time to fully dry prior to application. A surface does need to be able to fully absorb a few small drops of water within 3-5 minutes in order to promote the requisite absorption of the  TS210 to allow for proper adhesion. The low molecular weight of the  TS210 also results in an ultra thin protective coating that is breathable but, at the same time, is durable and abrasion resistant.

The TS210 possesses the benefits below for surfaces that are candidates for this product:

  • Excellent oil repellence, 24 hour stain resistance, and cleanability
  • Not susceptible to lifting, peeling, or delaminating
  • Can be applied to minimally profiled surfaces
  • No acid etching or diamond grinding required
  • Durable, abrasion resistant, and not subject to hot tire pickup
  • Matte finish hides, masks, or disguises imperfections from wear and tear over time
  • Easily repairable and recoatable

In addition to its oil repellence and stain resistance, the  TS210 can also provide protection against water and moisture, salts and deicing chemicals, dirt build up, mold and mildew, freeze/ thaw damage, and scaling/ spalling.

The TS210 is not intended for customers who are looking for a showroom appearance typically only made available through full blown topical coatings in terms of colors, patterns, speckles, gloss, etc. It is instead tailored to meet the needs of customers who are, for the most part, comfortable with the appearance of a plain concrete looking floor but want a very good practical solution that offers excellent protection for the money. 

When applied, the TS210 does not materially alter the appearance of surfaces and is ideal for maintaining more of a natural look or "matte" finish. The finish diffuses light so imperfections like scratches, chips, etc. that come over time are generally hidden, masked, or disguised. Best of all, it is easily repairable. No stripping or removal by grinding is needed. All that may be necessary to promote good intercoat adhesion is lightly abrading a surface with a sanding disk or with black or green scrubbing pad through the use of a standard floor scrubber.

For ongoing maintenance, we would recommend sweeping or washing the floor down periodically to minimize fine scratches from dirt and grit buildup. When using a cleaner, use a mild detergent like Dawn or pH neutral cleaning product. Although the  TS210 provides excellent stain protection, all spills should be wiped up immediately to avoid possible damage to the thin but yet durable coating. In some cases, the product will act as sacrificial protection and will require reapplication if damaged.

As part of a good maintenance program, during winter months in cold weather climates, squeegeeing out contaminants dragged in from roads (ex. snow, ice, slush, salts, road grit, etc.) in a timely fashion is also recommended. Using floor guards underneath cars in harsh climates can offer added protection but, more importantly, also allow for contaminants to be more easily squeegeed away or cleaned up without leaving a messy floor. In addition, to further extend the life of the  TS210, do not overlook other simple common sense measures like using rugs/ mats in higher traffic or heavier use areas such as entrances/ exits or work areas or utilizing spill/ containment trays or oil absorbent mats in areas where fluids are likely to be an ongoing problem beyond the occasional accidental spill.