NRMCA Concrete In Practice (CIP) Information Sheets

Posted by The Concrete Sealer Guy on Jul 29th 2020

Concrete In Practice Information (CIP) Sheets from the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA)

Everyday we get phone calls from contractors, architects, engineers, and even DIYers inquiring about solutions for problems they may be having with a concrete surface such as dusting, scaling, cracking, delamination, aggregate popouts, etc. In these calls, we almost always recommend as a resource a Concrete In Practice (CIP) information sheet on their particular topic from the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA). The  NRMCA was founded in 1930 and is the leading industry advocate on ready mixed concrete as a building material of choice. Their level and depth of knowledge is unmatched and they are the foremost expert on all aspects of ready mixed concrete including: mix design, pouring, placing, finishing, curing, sealing, specifying, and testing concrete.

The CIP is a series of one-page information sheets on important technical topics, written in a non-technical "What, Why and How?" format. They are a great resource for contractors who may be dealing with a problem related to a concrete surface they are working on or homeowner seeking to understand issues they may be experiencing with their concrete surface. Many of the information sheets are troubleshooting documents that cover topics that include typical defects in concrete surfaces. The CIPs include reasons for them, precautions to avoid them, and in some cases suggested methods of repair. A complete listing of the CIP information sheets can be found by clicking on this link  CIPs.

The CIP information sheets that are the most frequent topics of discussion with our customers are the following:

Dusting Concrete Surfaces

Scaling Concrete Surfaces

Crazing Concrete Surfaces

Cracking Concrete Surfaces 

Plastic Shrinking Cracks

Joints in Concrete Slabs on Grade 

Cracks in Residential Basement Walls

Curing In-Place Concrete

Hot Weather Concreting

Blisters on Concrete Slabs

Finishing Concrete Flatwork

Delamination of Troweled Concrete Surfaces 

Synthetic Fibers for Concrete

Corrosion of Steel in Concrete

Jobsite Addition of Water 

Cold Weather Concreting

Concrete Slab Moisture

Vapor Retarders Under Slabs on Grade

Aggregate Popouts

Alkali Aggregate Reactions